Perpetual Swap

The most liquid, composable, and only omnichain ETH Perpetual Swap


Our Products and Features

See how we enable cross chain liquidity and composability on our ETH perp

ETH Perp

Concentrated and Omnichain Liquidity (powered by UNI v3)
Dollar Margined Trading with
up to 10x leverage
LP with Yield Generating Positions
(Curve, GMX, Rari and more)
A single unified ETH pool across all chains. No more fragmentation

Recycled Liquidity

  • Reuse liquidity from other protocols into Rage
  • Double your yield on your existing LP Positions
  • Recycle LPs from AMMs, Money Markets, and Derivatives
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80-20 Vaults

  • 80% of TVL earn yield with isolated risk
  • 20% of TVL provides concentrated liquidity
  • UNI v2 Impermanent Loss with better yield
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Omnichain Liquidity

  • Powered by Layer Zero and Stargate
  • Recycle liquidity positions across all chains
  • Unified liquidity pool across many chains
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Investors and Advisors

Our Goal: Build the most liquid, composable & only omnichain ETH perp

Decentralized perps suffer from low liquidity . To build the most liquid ETH perp, Rage aggregates liquidity positions across all chains into a single unified (omnichain) ETH pool (powered by Layer Zero)

Rage has invented the concept of ‘recycled liquidity’ to make your existing LP positions productive assets. Our 80-20 vaults, allow you to earn extra yield on your existing LP positions while maintaining a familiar UNI v2 payoff.

By doing this, we can unify $50B+ of liquidity into a single, highly composable and only omnichain ETH perp. We’re a team of experienced traders and builders from DeFi and traditional finance working together to make this a reality.

<Build on Us />

Rage’s protocol code is open sourced, allowing collaborators to integrate/compose and build financial products on the most liquid ETH Perp using our SDK.

Build delta neutral stablecoins & various structured products, delta hedge your option positions, or use our bots to earn fees and be a keeper in the system.

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